About Seth J Designs

It was clear from a very small age that Seth was born with an artistic gift. He was always doodling, drawing and imagined creating his designs with his fingers in the air, all the while humming and singing. It all seemed so natural, just as if this was how life would be for him. He talked very early and at age two, he held normal conversations that made us forget his age. He loved to take nature walks and would question everything around him; the names of birds chirping, the animals running in the fields in the distance, the flowers and trees that surrounded him. He wanted to know it all and always challenged the answers. He was enthralled and fascinated with nature and at the age of five, Seth began to truly show his artistic gift and express his love of nature. We were quite taken back by his ability to sit for hours examining an object and with his own vision, bring to life this new way of seeing it. We had never seen anything like this before and as we began to share these drawings with our extended family, it was clear to all of us that his gift was something we needed to share with the world.